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Baby Crib Adjustable

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1. With comfortable cushion and super soft cotton cover, the strength and weight of our infant recliner have been carefully designed.
2. At the same time provide unique elasticity, bring excellent comfort, not too hard, nor too soft. Put your infant in a comfortable high-quality cotton protective cover.
3. The infant recliner is a must-have item for newborns. It is compact, light and portable, and is also suitable for family use and travel.
4. Because it is compact enough to fit into a suitcase or even the back seat pocket of a car, so no matter where you and your child are.
5. The zipper design is convenient for machine washing, keeping it tidy and hygienic.
The infant recliner is made of safe and healthy cotton material and does not contain all toxic chemicals.
Size: 90*50CM
Applicable age: 0-18 months
Material: Cotton
Package Included:
1 * Infant Bed (buttons and straps are random)