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Newborn Baby Nest

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 Bed Portable Crib Travel Bed Infant Toddler Cotton Cradle Washable for Kids Bed Bassinet Bumper

Product features:
1 Healthy and comfortable-our kennels are made of hypoallergenic materials, breathable and non-toxic. 100% cotton fabric, breathable, hypoallergenic internal filling, safe for baby's sensitive skin. It will make your child sleep peacefully, safely, and peacefully in their cute baby nest.
2 Multifunctional and portable-baby nest can be used as a cradle on the bed, a baby recliner pillow, a travel bed, a newborn baby pillow, changing the bed or moving it at home to rest or prone, making the baby feel safer and more comfortable. Lightweight design and easy-to-use packaging and handling are essential for our newborn nest portable babies.
3 Safe Sleep-Provide a safe and comfortable environment for babies.  Babies can rest and play without the restrictions of belt buckles, without the interference of bells and whistle, and also allow parents to sleep with their children safely.
4 Double-sided-Adjustable size of two straps