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*Organic* Long Sleeve Swaddle Wrap | Heathered Oatmeal Stripe

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Long Sleeve Swaddle Wrap features a patented Legs In / Legs Out design that allows baby to be cooled down, warmed up, or cleaned up (diaper changed) without unswaddling. If you don't know which way your baby prefers to sleep, our Long Sleeves with Fold-Over Mittens swaddle allows baby to swaddle around tummy, with one arm wrapped, or both arms wrapped, allowing you to gently increase the feeling of security. Our most versatile swaddle for parents who want to try it all! The “no break-out” zipper design promotes longer, healthier sleep by recreating a womb-like comfort. Parents will sleep better knowing that we’ve implemented a no-rise neckline for SIDS Safety, and that our products are designated “hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.